Caledonian Converse 24

The e-learning platform that really works! Thanks to an individually personalised needs driven learning path and specifically assigned exercises by your designated trainer, CC24 goes way beyond the limits of e-learning. Learn your chosen language using the three simple steps (Prepare, Connect and Consolidate) which we have seen improve all language skills in all participants and give them more confidence in their abilities to communicate on an international scale.

Each CC24 session involves: 90 mins individual prep on the CC24 platform; Skype or phone conversation lessons with your designated trainer lasting about 30 or 60 minutes (according to your chosen formula); 30 mins consolidation exercises which your trainer will send you following your conversation in order to correct the mistakes you made.

CC24 Gold

Unlimited access to the platform and online Magazine with weekly sessions with your trainer.

CC24 Silver

Unlimited access to the platform and online Magazine with fortnightly sessions with your trainer.

E-learning solo

Unlimited access to the platform and online Magazine but with a dedicated learning path.

Blended Combi

CC24 Silver combined with face to face lessons (either individual or in small groups).

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*consists of a whole month of unlimited access to the platform and online Magazine, plus 3 CC24 sessions to be taken during your trial month. You will be charged the nominal fee of 35€+VAT which will be discounted from your first CC24 o e-learning course.

Caledonian Converse 24

Our Blended Virtual Training: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are! Free mini course*!

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