In Company Language Training

Traditional Face to Face – individuals and groups

Courses for people who use the language in their everyday work situations, take part in meetings and calls, speak at conferences, carry out negotiations and represent their companies on an international platform. Our trainers are mother tongue professionals with many years of experience.

Topic Based English Conversation Courses

Not just an aimless chat, but with a real training path individually designed according to the clients’ interests. The participants receive a specially prepared topic each week which will be the topic of the discussion for the following lesson.

Combi Group Courses

2 hour weekly sessions divided into one hour of Business English or ESP, followed by an hour of topic conversation to improve fluency. Normally carried out by two different trainers with different accents.

ESP – English for Special Purposes

Our ESP courses include the language of presentations, negotiations, meetings, telephoning and conference calling, or any other particular need that the participant may have. Focus is not only on the language but also on simulations of situations.

Business Consultancy

Sessions, not lessons, for mid to top manager where we take a look at their daily business lives and behaviours in an international context or at a particular project at a particular time. Our Business Consultants are not just English teachers, but people who have held important positions in international companies in a “previous life”, either in Italy or abroad and sometimes both.

Managerial Training

Vast selection of seminars and workshops available, focussed not only on the managers’ language skills but also on improving their managerial competence

Counselling in English

Here we take a look at the individual, their hopes, fears, perception of self and those around, in order to make them a better individual and therefore a better manager

Language Courses Abroad

Immerge yourself completely in the language and culture of your chosen destination. Lots of courses in many countries to choose from. Stay with a local family and live like a local or in an apartment.

Financed Training

Our trusted consultant will accompany you every step of the way to make sure you get the appropriate financing for your language and managerial training.

Caledonian Converse 24

Our Blended Virtual Training: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wherever you are! Free mini course*!

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