We have been carrying out top quality professional translations on a daily basis for almost three decades for many companies, both large and small.

We are one of the official translation companies for the British Government in Italy so the translation of personal documents and certificates for individuals is part of our bread and butter.

Our main languages are English, French, German, Spanish and Italian but we translate practically any language you may require, from Chinese to Japanese, Arabic etc.

Caledonian translators are always professionals with experience in various sectors, who only translate into their mother tongue.

Specialised Translations

Web sites, company/bank balance sheets, legal documents, engineering, building permits/regulations, marketing, advertising, HR, etc.

Revisions and Quality Control

Carried out by a second translator to ensure the Caledonian standard, this option is at the client’s discretion unless a sworn translation is required or in order to take advantage of the Caledonian Guarantee.

Sworn and Certified Translations

Documents like balance sheets, company statutes, requests for damages etc. must almost always be sworn and stamped at the city court. This is normal practice for us, as is the certification of translations of personal documents, like marriage or birth certificates, driving licences, university degrees etc., which are signed by the translator on our headed paper.

Court Authenticated Translations

Court authenticating (or apostilling) a document certifies both the legal standing of the public official who signed the authenticated document and the authenticity of the signature itself. Court authentication is normally sought in the case of documents issued in Italy so that they may be rendered equally legally valid abroad (and vice-versa).

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